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Turku Tall Ship Races 2017, The Sedov in the foreground.

STS Sedov (Russian: Седов), formerly Magdalene Vinnen II (1921–1936) and Kommodore Johnsen (–1948), is a four-masted steel barque that for almost 80 years was the largest traditional sailing ship in operation. Originally built as a German cargo ship, Sedov is today a sail training vessel, training cadets from the universities of Murmansk, Saint Petersburg and Arkhangelsk. She participates regularly in the big maritime international events as a privileged host and has also been a regular participant in The Tall Ships’ Races.

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Popular on 500px : Praia do Beliche seen from within a cliff cave by robertzonnekeyn

Praia do Beliche seen from within a cliff cave (Algarve in Portugal)

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Popular on 500px : “I will seek your face, Lord, do not hide your fac by jimbos

A church belonging to Greek Catholics preserves the memory of the encounter between Jesus and Veronica, whose tomb can also be visited in it. It is the VI Station of Via Dolorosa.

The small church of Saint Veronica from the time of the Crusaders, which in 1883 was entrusted to the Greek Catholics of Melito Rite, has a Convent of the “Little Sisters of Jesus”. It is considered to be the place where Veronica lived and in which she rendered the pious service of wiping the face of the Lord. The mystery is remembered in a fragment of column set in the wall.

Veronica-Berenice, according to the Greek tradition-embodies this longing that brings together all the pious men of the Old Testament, the longing of all believers to see the face of God.

According to this tradition, Veronica initially sees only a face that is mistreated and marked by pain. But the act of love impresses on her heart the true image of Jesus: on the human face, full of blood and wounds, she sees the face of God and his goodness. We can only see Jesus with the heart.

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