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The name Caimari is probably of Mozarabic origin. The spelling of the village name changed in the course of the time, so the historical names Caymarix li Aben-leube, Caymarix Labelembe or Caymaritx Labenleube, Queymaritx and Caymari.

The area of ​​Caimari is historically known for olive cultivation. Archaeologists assume that the oldest settlement near Caimari comes from the pre-Ayayotic culture (2500-1400 BC). This is confirmed by prehistoric finds in some caves and grottos, which are located in the mountains of Caimarienques.

In the time after the conquest of Mallorca by the Romans in 123 BC the settlements were known as Fornassos. A name variant of this time is derived from the Latin anthroponym Caimari of the famous Roman landlord Gaius Marius, who was involved in the conquest.

The Caimari countries were recaptured by the Catalans between 1230 and 1231, and the Caymanix was divided as a Moorish-denomination among the population.


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