Popular on 500px : Hands? Where are my hands? by AdnanOnart

North Adams, MA

This is one of the pictures I took during my last visit to MassMoca. When I photograph art or an object in display in a museum or gallery, I like to have some elements of the environment in the image: the visitors, the shadow or the reflection of the subject on a surface; sometime I try to include my own silhouette. But in this case, the space was fully dark and this is what you see around the object. I hope the way I choose the camera settings, the way I place the subject in the frame qualifies the picture to be a photograph rather than a reproduction of the display.

Giving the darkness of the room, it was more convenient to use the manual mode of the camera: I believe I set the aperture and shutter speed to my preferred values and modified the sensitivity to achieve the effect I was visualizing. Since to do more of the photography work in the camera is my goal, I took the picture with JPEG in mind and felt that Classic Chrome color rendition would do justice to the colors of the art-object.

via 500px http://ift.tt/2uA64r3


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