Popular on 500px : In the Muslim neighborhood. by jimbos

The Old City of Jerusalem, is an ancient city center of Jewish and Christian religion, and important point of Islam. Between the sinuous streets of the city every corner tells us hundreds of stories, each stone whispers a prayer and each ray of light illuminates us a different time. Jerusalem, the origin of everything, the place where the world was created. The Old City is one of the oldest cities in the world that has been continuously inhabited; Archaeologists estimate their age in about 6,000 years.

The ancient city of Jerusalem oozes history all over its corners.

The old city is itself a city within the present city of Jerusalem. Strolling through its streets is possible, both day and night, with relative security. It all depends on the tension of the moment between Israelis and Palestinians. As an ancient city that is, it preserves cobbled and narrow streets, being almost entirely pedestrian. It is almost always crowded, dressed in the most disparate way.

Thank you and happy week.

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