Popular on 500px : Cross on the Rocks by AlexanderMalas

St. Stefanos church in Syros, Greece is a very unique place. Local legend has it that a fisherman who was nearly killed by a giant squid and was washed out in the cave, built this small church to honor the saint to who he had prayed to save him. The church only has walls, while the cave serves as ceiling and floor, and luckily is a few degrees colder than the surrounding area.
This was quite a dangerous experience for me in the end, as I had been roaming around all day in the sun and had sunstroke without realizing, making the half-hour hike back the rocky landscape a complete nightmare. Finally I reached my car, pale as a ghost and ready to collapse and thankfully found the courage to drive to a nearby hotel and sleep it off. Lessons learnt, I feel the image makes up for my troubles, maybe I should build a church to honor a saint for saving me. Would love to hear what you guys think, have a great day!

EDIT: For some reason, sharpness seems to drop quite a bit when uploading. If anyone knows if this has to do with large file size of panorama, please let me know in the comments, thank you! 🙂

via 500px http://ift.tt/2sifhBu


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