Popular on 500px : Pilgrim in Cana. by jimbos

Cana, nowadays called Kafr Kaná, is a city of great movement with an Arab majority population, about 5 km from Nazareth. In the time of Jesus, it was more important than Nazareth, today the situation is the other way around. Among the apostles, Bartholomew or Nathanael was born in Cana.

In the New Testament, John 2: 1-10 reads about the wedding of Cana, the first miracle of Jesus that turned water into wine. Today in the streets it is possible to see among the souvenirs, bottles of good sweet wine produced in the city.

The evangelist John, in his story, mentions that the wedding was on the third day. In Israel, many prefer to get married on Tuesdays, because it is a blessed day because in creation God said twice “it is good” on the third day. Cana is a high point of all pilgrimage, many pilgrims go to get married or renew the marriage vows, with optional certificate.

Thank you and happy week.

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