Popular on 500px : mooseman by RAMALAMASAMDONG

Sometimes, I’ll get asked about my fixation with the moose. Why did I awkwardly affix moose to the end of my dog’s name? Why did I settle on the moose as my spirit animal? Well, it all started with this jacket.
I found this beauty in a thrift store in my hometown of Chester, CA. How somebody was able to part with it, I’ll never know, but their loss is my gain. I started to ponder why it was that I affiliated so closely with the silly quilted moose on the back of the jacket. There were similarities: I’m tall, oafish, and sometimes irrational. I’m also not a predator, in personality. We all think we are, but any trophic energy pyramid will tell you that most of us can’t be predators. Finally, the moose is just an awesome creature, though, to my never-ending dismay, I have yet to see one in the wild.
Do you have a spirit animal? If so, how did you decide on it and how does it fit you?

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