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Can you imagine what it might mean for archologists to start digging and meet this room? It was all hidden!

The Ottoman Sultan Ahmad Al-Jazzar, or “Ahmad the Butcher”, decided at the end of the 18th century to build up the crusading city. Among the buildings of that time that have lasted, is its citadel, which in a sadly famous way housed many prisoners for the next two centuries.

Acre’s Old City has been designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Since the 1990s, large-scale archaeological excavations have been undertaken and efforts are being made to preserve ancient sites.

Acre is a city of templars and intrigue, where you can walk through a maze of streets. Where you can explore the remains of the conquests of the Crusaders, Muslims and Ottoman..

Under the citadel and prison of Acre, archaeological excavations revealed a complex of halls, which was built and used by the Knights Hospitaller.This complex was a part of the Hospitallers’ citadel, which was included in the northern defences of Acre. The complex includes six semi-joined halls, one recently excavated large hall, a dungeon, a refectory (dining room) In the image; It is said that in this room, Marco Polo dinner and remains of a Gothic church.

The current building which constitutes the citadel of Acre is an Ottoman fortification, built on the foundation of the citadel of the Knights Hospitaller. The citadel was part of the city’s defensive formation, reinforcing the northern wall. During the 20th century the citadel was used mainly as Acre Prison and as the site for a gallows. During the British mandate period, activists of Jewish Zionist resistance movements were held prisoner there; some were executed there.

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