Popular on 500px : Broken Heart ! (ខេត្តព្រះសីហនុ) by MardySuongPhotography

Photo by: Mardy Suong Photography
#Sony ILCE-7RM2, 16-35mm F/2.8+Adapter
Exposure: SP:4s, ISO: 400, F/2.8
Gallery: Travel

Broken Heart !

I got this shot during I and MoE youth family has camping with Cambodia Amazing Trip Planner at Sok Sand beach, Koh Rong, Preah Sihanuak Province on Birthday’s Majesty King. May 14th, 2017.

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My name is Mardy SUONG, I am from the one of Cambodian Photographers. I wish to extend my heartfelt welcome to all international visitors and photographers to Cambodia-Kingdom of Wonder.

As one of the fastest growing tourism destinations in Southeast Asia, Cambodia’s rich heritage, cultural and natural resources offer a full range of cultural and eco-tourism sites that are both dynamic and sustainable. Highlights include Phnom Penh, the Angkor Wat and the Mekong River Dolphins, just to name a few.

The Kingdom’s capital is a dynamic city where visitors are in the mood for shopping, dining, sightseeing and more. As Cambodia’s hub for commerce, politics and tourism, Phnom Penh is also home to many important institutions and monuments such as Wat Phnom, the Royal Palace and the National Museum. The magnificent Angkor Wat and Preah Vihear, Heritage of Humanity and World Wonder, is probably the most exotic tourist destination in the world and the renowned yet very rare Mekong River dolphins can also be found in Cambodia. During your staying here, do visit and relax on Cambodia’s pristine beaches, explore the coral reefs around many of our beautiful islands and trek through lush mangrove forests. The bay of Cambodia has been inducted to the Most Beautiful Bay of the World Club.

Regards and thanks !
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