Popular on 500px : The orthodox temple (church) of the Sign of Blessed Virgin Mary by GleBB

The landscape photography outdoors at sunset without people. City and architecture. Travel 2017.
The orthodox temple (church) of the Sign of Blessed Virgin Mary in Dubrovitsakh has incorporated elements of the Italian, German, Swedish, French and Russian architecture. The abundance of architectural details and a carving – florid columns, curls, grape brushes, flowers, leaves, and also a sculpture of angels and Saints – do the temple by a unique sample of church architecture. Instead of a traditional dome church the gold crown crowns. The temple was built by request of Boris Alekseevich Golitsyn, the tutor Peter the Great, within one and a half decades. Construction of a religious construction has been complete in 1703, and a year later he was consecrated. It is a part of an architectural complex of the estate of Dubrovitsa which was once belonging to representatives of ancient noble families of Morozov, Golitsyn, Potyomkiny and Dmitriyev-Mamonovy. Height of church makes 42 meters. She it is included in the List of the World heritage of UNESCO.

via 500px http://ift.tt/2ruJVo8


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