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Carezza lake, casual frame
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Popular on 500px : The “Zwinger” by Bilderreisen

Old prison in Münster/ Westphalia

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Popular on 500px : Venice White Heron and Arsenale Arches at Sunset Venice Grand Canal II by marcelpainchaud1

It is worth seeing the sunset at Arsenale in Venice. the covered area with the arches makes a great place to do this type of shooting.

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Popular on 500px : Mni Wičoni – Water is Life! by GabrielGrunserPhotography

I’ve been now on a trip for a few days with my friend and great photographer Leo. We were amazed again and again, by the wonders of our common Mother Earth, which fascinated us every day.
And yet it is incomprehensible, why we need more and more environmental activists to survive on such a beautiful Planet.
Our heads are becoming increasingly empty and one day, we will destroy ourselves.

Start now changing yourself, not the world!

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